Two fables

Explain next half of the story (fable2)


Now after this fantastic fable we will read one more interesting fable which have two interesting characters. So let’s start ‘The town mouse and the country mouse’. Once upon a time there were two mice who were cousins. But one lived in town, and the other lived in the country. Once, town mouse went on a visit to his cousin in the country. The country mouse was very simple, rustic fellow. He loved his town friend. Teacher:- Rustic means living in a village.. When town mouse went to him he gave him a hearty welcome. country mouse gave his friend what he had: Beans, cheese and bread. But he offered them freely and happily. But the town mouse rather turned up his long nose at this simple country fare (food) and said to country mouse that he cannot understood how he can put up with this poor food. But he also understood that country fellow could not arrange anything better in the country.After that the town mouse asked country mouse to come with him. And both of them set off for the town and arrived at the big house where the town mouse lived in a hole. Town mouse arranged some refreshments after long journey for country mouse. The town mouse politely took his cousin at grand dining room. There were fine food for feast. The two mice were eating up jellies and cakes and all that was nice but suddenly they heard growling and barking.Country mouse was freightened, so he asked town mouse what it was. Town mouse told that it was only the dogs of house. Country mouse was surprised and said that he didn’t like that music at his dinner. At that time the door flew open and came two huge mastiff dogs.