Two fables

Example of past, present and future tenses


Last year we learnt about action words. They are called verbs. Now we will see how they are used in different tenses. Let’s see one example of past, present and future tenses.Past:- He lived in a hole.Present:- He lives in a hole.Future:- He will live in a hole.Tea: Students, there are some common rules which we should follow while using tenses. Rule1) Past tense forms usually have, ‘d’, ‘ed’, or ‘ied’ at the end.Rule2) Present tense forms in third person singular have ‘s’, ‘es’ or ‘ies’ at the end. Present tense forms used with I, we, and you, do not have ‘s’, es or ies after them. There is no change in them in these cases.Rule3) The future is indicated by ‘will’ and ‘shall’.Tea: students, let’s do an activity. Here some verbs are given. You will use these verbs in your own sentences to show the past, present and future tenses.Teac: Verbs are : Like, love, answer, scamper, wait, sniff, laugh. So who will start first? Stu: Ma’am I will make sentences with past tense. 1. He liked reading. 2. We loved all our friends in the society. 3. He answered all questions. 4. The mouse scampered from hole to hole. 5. She waited for him for a long time. 6. They sniffed it. 7. She laughed at us. Teac: Very good.