Two fables



Students now we will do one more activity. Look at this menu card carefully. I will ask you some questions on this and you have to answer them. Let’s start. a) Guess the meaning of menu card? Ans:- Menu card is a list of food items and their price. b) What is the purpose of a menu card? Ans:- Menu card helps people to choose and order the food items from the available food. c) Is this menu card in English or Marathi? Ans:- The menu card is written in English but the names of almost all food items are in Marathi. d) List at least 5 English and 5 marathi words from the menu card separately. Ans:- Five English words : Regular, deluxe, sweets, seasonal, rice, soup, butter etc. and Five Marathi words:- Zunka, Upwas, Wadi, Thali, Puran Poli, Ukad, bhakar, Koshimbir etc.