Two fables



Now we will do one more activity. We will use information from menu card and will prepare the dialogues for some situations. e.g. Tea: The First situation is: Hotel staff welcomes the customers and tells them about the specialties of hotel. Hotel staff:- Good evening sir, can I help you? Customer:- we need a table for six persons. Hotel staff:- Sure, sir. Come this way. It’s here. Customer:- Thank you ! Can you show us the menu card? Hotel staff:-Yes sir. Here is our menu card. Customer:- Anything special here? Hotel staff:- There is a variety of Thalis. Our deluxe thali is in good demand. Zunaka bhakar, puran poli, missal are our other specialities. Customer:- Good ! Bring 6 Delux thalies with 6 puranpolies. Hotel staff:- Okay sir. Customer:- Thanks.