Putting together a class magazine

Introduction and Explanation


Today we are going to read a lesson named “Putting together a class magazine.” You must have seen that many people read magazines. Many of them are for grown up people, but some of them are also for children. A magazine can be made by collecting some interesting articles and compiling them into a sort of book. A magazine for children contains stories, poems, word puzzles, picture puzzles, riddles, craft ideas, informative articles, jokes, board games, photographs, quizzes, recipes, tips on how to study, interviews, plays, news items, collection of interesting facts, picture stories, friendly advice, and many other types of material. You can make your list and start collecting them. Children, tell me which topics from the given list you would like to read the most? Let’s come to the next part of our lesson. Tara and friends are busy producing their ‘Class Magazine’. Many children have given their contributions for the magazine. Others have helped to write them in a beautiful hand and decorate it with colors, photos, pictures and designs. They want to display it on the classroom walls in the form of a collage. That is why they have cut out pieces of the articles. They will arrange them on colored paper. But sadly the pieces have all got mixed up. Can you help Tara to sort out the pieces? I will show you the images so that you can match them and compile the articles.