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To make a pretty paper bird


Now I will show you how to make a pretty paper bird, Follow the instructions and try to make it.Step1- Take a square paper.Step2- Draw a circle on it.Step3- Cut the circle with the help of scissors.Step4- Fold it in the middle to form a semicircle.Step5- Cut on the folding line to make two halves.Step6- Take one half of the circle.Step7- Fold the paper as shown in the figure in the direction of the arrow.Step8- Fold again as shown by the arrow in the figure.Step9- Cut it as shown in the image.Step10- Fold it in the upward direction.Step11- Now make a beak by folding a small portion as shown in the image.Step12- Your bird is ready.Let’s make one more paper article ‘A Simple Hat’.Step1- Fold the paper in half vertically crease well and unfold. Step2- Fold the same in half horizontally crease well.Step3- Fold both the top corners right and left corners to the center.Step4- Make 2 diagonal folds at the bottom right and left corner.Step5- Make a valley fold for the top layer only.Step6- Flip paper over. Repeat steps 4 and 5 on this side.Step7- Open the base and then press the top down to form a diamond shape.Step8- Fold up the top layer.Step9- Flip paper over. Repeat step 8 on this side.Step10- Open the base and your easy origami hat is complete. Ma’am it was wonderful. We will sure teach our younger brothers and sisters how to make them. Teacher.