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Explain grammer section


Grammar – statements. Students now let’s do some grammar activities. You have seen that there are four types of sentences- statements, questions, commands and exclamations, some sentences contain negative words like not, no, never and have a negative meaning. Now I will give you some sentences. Try to convert them into negative ones.1. Fold the paper in half again. Students: - Don’t fold the paper in half again.2. Wash the guava. Students: - Don’t wash the guava.3. Mix the ingredients. Students: - Don’t mix the ingredients.4. Grind them in a mixer. Students: - Don’t grind them in a mixer.5. Put the glass on the table. Students: - Don’t put the glass on the table.6. Copy from the text book. Students: - Don’t copy from the text book.7. Cut the apple. Students: - Don’t cut the apple.Let’s do some two minutes of oral work. Think of as many commands as possible within two minutes that begin with: 1. Cross. Students: - Cross the road on zebra crossing. 2. Help. Students: - Help your friend in studies. 3. Wash. Students: - Wash your hand before eating anything. 4. Study. Students: - study hard. 5. Take. Students: - Take that paper sheet from the table.