Great Scientists have a questioning mind

Solve some questions based on the lesson


Now we will prepare a life sketch of Dr. C.V. Raman from this lesson. Dr. C.V. Raman: A life sketch. • Dr. C.V. Raman was born in Tiruchirapalli in southern India in year 1888.• He was a bright student right from the start.• He was fascinated by colorful things.• He was interested in optical science and acoustics.• He delivered a lecture at London.• He began to wonder about the color of the sky.• He was elected fellow of the Royal Society in 1924 for his contribution to the science of optics.• He announced the Raman Effect in 1928.• He won the Nobel Prize for physics in 1930. Now we will list some scientific terms used in the passage.Ans: - 1. Experiment 2. Scientific world. 3. Physics. 4. Structures.5. Chemical compound. 6. Theory. 7. Laboratories. 8. Equipment.9. Scientific outlook etc. 10. Raman effect 11.optical science 12.acoustics 13. Science of light 14. Molecules 15.Scaffering of light. Well done