We shall over come

Introduction Poem


Today we are going to learn an interesting poem. Name of the poem is ‘We shall overcome’…… Student:- Ma’am what is the meaning of overcome? Teacher:- It means we will be successful. This inspirational song was used as a protest song in the Civil Rights movement in U.S.A. (We have to show people singing this song) Teacher:- Do you know the long form of U.S.A.? Students:- Yes. United States of America. Tea: Good. Before reading the poem we should find out more about the Civil Rights movement in U.S.A. This will help us to understand the poem better. The Civil Rights Movement of USA (1954-1968) The Civil rights movement in USA was a non-violent mass popular movement to secure equal rights for African Americans. A large number of African people had settled in American states for generations. They were brought to America as slaves from Africa to work in cotton and tobacco fields in the southern states. The African children in America were denied admission in ‘whites only schools’. There was segregation in interstate buses and trains. African American men and women, along with their white supporters organized and led the movement at national and local levels. The goals of this movement were to end racial segregation and discrimination against African Americans and to secure legal recognition for them.