We shall over come

Activity of question answer


So students I will ask you some questions on this poem. And you have to answer them.Tea: What was the belief of people? Stu: The belief of the people was that they will overcome some day. Tea: How do they wish to walk? Stu: They wish to walk hand in hand.Tea: What will make them free ? Stu: The truth will make them free.Tea: Good answers students! Let’s understand the meaning of some difficult words in Marathi.Overcome = be successful = यशस्वी होणे, संकटावर मात करणे.Believe = to have faith = विश्वास ठेवणे.To be Afraid = to have fear =घाबरणे, भयग्रस्त असणे.Free = without any restrictions = मुक्त, स्वतंत्र.Peace = शांती.Truth = सत्य.Activity: Tea: Students let’s start an activity. Look at the sentences in column A and we will write appropriate lines in column B. let’s start.Tea: See the first line tells us: The people have to suffer many hardships today. So tell me appropriate line from the poem. Stu: Ma’am appropriate line for this is : we shall overcome someday. Tea: Good. Second line is: They do not have equal status and friendly relations with other people in society today. Stu: Ma’am the appropriate line is: We’ll walk hand in hand some day. Tea: Good. Next line is: Other powerful people are trying to frighten the people singing in the poem. Stud: Ma’am I will answer This: We are not afraid today