Teeny tiny



Activity: Let’s see meaning of some important words:• Churchyard: means an enclosed area around church, where people are buried.• Grave: means a place where a person is buried.• Supper: means last meal of the day. Sometimes people have their dinner early in the evening. So before going to bed they take a snack or a small meal. It is called supper.Now tell me why is the teeny-tiny voice’s speech given in a larger type every time? Kedar: - This is so because in this story each and every sentence has word teeny-tiny. But ‘Give me my bone.’ is a sentence which does not have this word. Good observation kedar. Compound word means combination of two words. Tell me other words like this. For example incy – wincy, tick - tock. Eg. Flip - Flap, Hickory – dickory, bow - wow, ding - dong, Criss – cross, chit - chat. Good answer.