Teeny tiny



Activity: Students we have seen how the adjectives can be used. Now use the different adjectives and tell me funny or meaningful sentences. I will show you one example.1. A big red ant found a big red grain of corn in a big red house.So here ‘big red’ is an adjective which shows repetation. Now you can try.Aasha: - The little silver fairy cut the little silver paper with little silver scissors.Megha: - A small size top which I purchased from a small size shop which is located at small size circle.Ravina: - I found a parrot green card on parrot green table.Meena: - I eat Chinese rice in one of the Chinese shops which is located in Chinese market.Seema:- A swimming tank is full of swimming water.Ajay: - A square television is placed inside the square box.Today we are going to learn about main verbs and auxiliary verbs. Auxiliary verb means helping verb. Now see some examples. 1. She came to a teeny-tiny gate. 2. The teeny-tiny woman opened the teeny-tiny gate. In both these examples came and opened are used as verbs they are main verbs.