Sleep, Baby. Sleep

Introduction and explaination


Students, today we are going to learn a song. This song is a quick, soothing song, which is used to “lull’ a child to sleep: Hence it is called “Lullaby” Sleep, Baby Sleep is a traditional lullaby. So are you ready students? Sleep, baby, sleep!Your father herds his sheep:Your mother shakes the little tree From which fall pretty dreams on thee;Sleep, baby, sleep!Sleep, baby sleep!The heavens are white with sheep:For they are lamb- those stars so bright:And the moon’s shepherd of the night;Sleep, baby, sleep!Sleep, baby, sleep!And I’ll give thee a sheep,Which, with its golden bell, shall be?A little play- fellow for thee; Sleep, baby, sleep!In this poem the mother sings a beautiful song for her child to make him sleep. She says sleeps baby. Your father will look after his sheep. Your mother shakes the tree so you will have pretty dreams while sleeping. Sleep baby sleep.