Sleep, Baby. Sleep



now we are going to do an activity. Make 6 to 8 groups. Now each group will make the list of your favourite songs. You may choose any poem or song from any language. Now I will give you some labels. You can select one or more than one label for your poem and describe your poem First I will tell you the meaning of these labels.• Patriotic song -देशभक्तीपर गीत. Prayer - प्रार्थना.• Inspirational song -प्रेरणादायी गीत. Folk song - लोकगीत.• Lullaby -अंगाई. Ballad - पोवाडे • Marching song -कवायत गीते. Nursery rhyme- बडबड गीते.• Romantic song -प्रेमगीत. Nature poem - निसर्गरम्य कविता.• Welcome song -स्वागत गीत. Funny song/ poem-हास्य कविता.• Sad song/ poem -दुःखी गाणे. Title song -शीर्षक गीते.• Jingle -नादमधुर गाणी Religious song -धार्मिक गाणे.• Narrative poem - कथनपर कविता • Song for special occasion - विशिष्ट प्रसंगी गाण्यासारखी गीते.I hope, now you understands that there are different types of songs and poems in all the languages.