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Introdution and conversation


Let’s start conversation using the sentences from each group. Group A will start.Kedar: - Our team has won the match! Meena: - Wow! Great news! We are so proud of you! Sima: - oh! Congratulations! Well done! Sagar: - I see congrats! Raju: - so what? Amit: - I know! Your uncle was the umpire, right? Tea: Good! Now Group B will start! Raju: - I lost my wallet.Meena: - Oh! No! How terrible. Can we help? Deepak: - Oh, really! How sad! Priti: - Oh, I see. Nisha: - Such things happen.Aman: - What else do you expect! He is such a careless person. very good So, students, now you must have understood that people have different attitudes and they may respond differently on the same issue. This lesson also shows us how people are indifferent about chaturnhuj’s achievements.