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Explain Scene 2


now we are going to see what happens when chaturbhuj babu enters his house. Maid: - Mother, Dada babu has come home in a blazing temper.Mother: - Why, What’s the matter? Maid: - I don’t know. Little boy: - Dada, can I have this cat? Chaturbhuj: cat, cat, and cat the whole day long, is it? Mother: - No wonder the poor boy is angry! He comes home after such a long time and these brats start annoying him at once. Let me have the cat, son. I will give it some rice and milk that I’ve put by.Chaturbhuj: - Here, mother, you can have the cat and feed it all you want. I shan’t stop to eat - I am leaving at once. Mother: - What makes you say such a thing? Your meal’s ready and waiting dear. Son, you can sit down to eat as soon as you have had your bath! Chaturbhuj: - No, I am leaving. You’re all crazy about cats in these parts .No one cares for men of worth. Aunt: - Don’t hurt the cat - She hasn’t done any harm. Chaturbhuj: - When it comes to a cat you’re all heart, but you have no pity for human being! Little girl: - Come and see, Uncle Hari – what a big fat tai! Hari: - Whose tail – Chaturbhuj’s? Girl: - No, the cat’s! So students what did you observ in this scene? Who will speak? Meena can you? Meena: - yes teacher. In this scene when Chaturbhuj entered his house, same things happened as like outside. Little boy and mother and aunt all were first attracted by cat. They showed love for it and Chaturbhuj was ignored.