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Activity of question answer


Now I am going to ask you some questions and you have to answer them.Teacher: - Tell me how many characters are there in this play? Students: - Eleven characters.Teacher: - Tell me the name of characters and write how each is related to Chaturbhuj.Kedar:- • Nilratan, Sadhucharan and Paran are chaturbhuj’s friends.• Zamindar is a person who is a landlord of his village.• Satu is the chatrubhuj’s uncle. • Maid, a lady who is working in chaturbhuj’s house.• Mother of chaturbhuj.• Little boy and little girl are the sister and brother of chatrubhuj.• Chaturbhuj’s Aunt and Hari is his Uncle.Teacher:- Very good kedar.. Now we will learn the meaning of some phrases in this one act play. • Make a great fuss over him, means: give him a lot of respect, attention, praise. • Plump means fat. • Confound him. : it is used to show anger. • Drop by my place. Means visit my house. • Furiously means angrily. • Stunner means very beautiful. • Delighted means very happy. • A civil question means a polite question. • Stuffed full of conceit means very very proud of oneself. • Brats means naughty kids. • In a blazing temper means in an angry state of mind. • Plaintively means in a tone of complaining. • Positively furious: really angry. • Swarm means a noisy group. • You’re all heart, means you’re very kind.