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Explanation and conversation


Students after this act you come to know the expectations of Chaturbhuj. So just Imagine and tell me what Chaturbhuj would like to hear from following people. Now Chaturbhuj will say- “I have passed my M.A. examination.” Kedar:- Nilratan should say Great, congrats brother.Raju:- Uncle satu should say I am proud of you my boy.Ankita:- Zamindar should say That’s nice! you completed you M.A. please visit my house this evening.Ram:- Mother should say Dear son, first you take a bath I will arrange dinner for you . Today I have made the food of your choice as you have passed your M.A. examination.Aarti:- Aunt should say It is a good news that you have passed M.A. you are the role model for your cousins.Seema:- Sadhucharan and paran will say Chaturbhuj you are really an educated person. You have pass your M.A. It is really big achievement, congratulations.Teacher: Good imagination students! Now we are going to do one activity. One person will speak about his experience/ story/ news etc. another person will shows through gestures that he is not interested. So kedar and Meena will you start Students: - Yes, teacher.Kedar: - Do you know yesterday I went to the fair. Meena: - okay.Kedar: - There I saw many things like toys, books, showpiece, etc…………Kedar:- I purchased one compass box which is very beautiful.Kedar:- My dad bough me one Robot for playing. Meena:- I see .Kedar:- That robot can speak and dance also. Teacher:- Good ! Here you see, kedar was sharing his experience of the fair but meena was not interested. In this way you can repeat the activity by changing the characters i.e. listener and speaker.