News Analysis

Introduction and Explaination


Today’s topic is ‘News Analysis’. Children do you know what is news? Can you tell what are the sources of getting news? ans.:- we get news from newspaper, radio, TV, internet, etc. It’s a common habit with our friends. It is really something important. Do you think about the news that you read or hear? Many people believe that all that is printed on paper must be true and reliable. But we also come across bits of information or news items that do not match, or tally with facts, our own experiences, ideas etc. It is necessary to think well and carefully about what we read or hear before we form our opinion and you must do it with an open mind. If news makes you happy, you will say it is good news and if it makes you angry or sad you will say it is bad news. You may find some news items interesting and some others uninteresting or even boring. So children tell me which news is interesting and which one is boring according to you?You also have to consider whether a piece of news is reliable or unreliable. Many news items have phrases like ‘according to our sources’, ’authorities say that’, ‘an eye witness account’, etc to convince the readers or viewers that the news is reliable or the reporter may simply say.