News Analysis

Explain next half of the story


Children we have seen use of some phrases like ‘breaking news, shocking news’. What other adjectives do people use for news? Can you guess? Students:- Informative news’, ‘distress news’, ‘good news’, ‘bad news’.Very good, now let’s start with activities from the lesson. I will read some articles; you have to answer the questions related to those news articles. Let’s start reading: The name of the article is: Closed shoes not allowed in examination halls. Bangalore: Shivam Institute of Innovative Technology, Bengaluru has recently issued a list of DO’s and DON’Ts for candidates taking an Entrance test to the prestigious institute this year. The candidate will not be allowed to enter the examination hall wearing closed shoes, boots, even socks. Other items which will not be allowed inside include mobile phones, microphones, earplugs, calculators and other electronic gadgets, pouches, printed or blank papers and even pens. The pens will be provided in the hall by the invigilators. Students this news is informative news where we get the information about the exam in an institute and other details. So let’s start the question – answer session. First question: What is the meaning of ‘issued’, ‘candidates’, ‘invigilator’ and prestigious?