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Let’s come to the next article. The title is: Ritika takes a break from acting. Mumbai sept.9: Famous actress Ritika who is believed to be the most highly paid star in Bollywood is all set to break the hearts of her fans. In an informal chat with journalist, she revealed that she will not sigh any more films, after completing the big – budget movie ‘Ant’ in next month. She refused to give any reasons for her decision. However sources close to her reveal that now she wants to make a career in politics. Student this news is about entertainment field where we can read about a bollywood heroine’s present and future plans. Now I will ask you some questions. Guess the meaning of ‘most highly paid, revealed, sign films.Ans. :- Most highly paid- means receiving huge or big amount as payment as compared to others for their work. Revealed- means to let everyone know. Sign films- means to agree for working on that project or films. what words are used for the following in the news item 1) Film industry. 2) Something on which a lot of money is spent? Ans. :- Film industry has been termed as Bollywood and big- budget is used for something on which a lot of money is spent. Well done students!