News Analysis

Explain last news article.


Let’s come to the last news article. The heading is: Quick cure for all ailments? Staff Reporter: Hundreds of people stock every hour to Ralewadi, a tiny settlement near Ambegaon. They wait in long winding queues in the hot son to get a ‘special’ powder from Miribaba who claims that it cures all sorts of diseases. According to him, he has developed this powder from a special herb in the Himalayas. Unwilling to give the exact name and source of the herb, he only says that it was revealed to him. He offers it at Rs. 25 a packet. Each packet is specially ‘blessed’ by him. Some of his followers claim that they have seen him curing thousands of people with his powder. However Dr. Karnik of Ambegaon Civil Hospital says that the number of patients in their hospital has in fact increased in the last few weeks. Students this is a news about fraud done by a Miribaba who is claiming to save life of many people. Now please answer my questions. Guess the meaning of ‘flock’ ‘followers’ and settlement. Ans. :- Flock means travelling together. Followers means people who admire a particular person. Settlement means a place where people establish a community. Well done student ! Hope you enjoyed this session.