Please don’t read this poem!

Explain poem part one


Poem part 1. . Let’s start with an amazing poem. Do you know why am I saying it is an amazing poem? This is because its name is ‘please don’t read this poem’. Have you been told not to do certain things? Did you stop doing that immediately? Or did you continue to do the same any way? Ordinarily all authors want people to read their works. But funnily, the author of this poem keeps on warning the reader not to read his poem. The warnings have just the opposite effect. You are tempted even more to read the poem. Let’s read the poem and try to understand it.Please don’t read this poem.It’s only meant for me.That’s it. Just move along now.There’s nothing here to see.In the above lines the poet is requesting not to read the poem, because it is only meant for him. He also says that go away as there’s nothing to wait and watch. Students, what do you think what will be the contents of this poem? Why the poet his not allowing others to read it?