Please don’t read this poem!

Explain poem part two


Poem part 2. Coming to the fifth stanza You’re not allowed to read this.You really have to stop.If you don’t quit this instant,I swear I’ll call a cop.Now the poet gets angry as the reader is not stopping even after giving so many warnings. So the poet says that he will call the police. Coming to the sixth stanza: He’ll drag you off in handcuffs.He’ll lock you up in jail.And leave you there forever Until you’re old and frail Now the poet is exaggerating. The poet tells the reader what will happen when he will call the police. According to him the police will handcuff and put the reader in the jail forever, till the reader gets old and weak.The poet tells you not to read it. He uses different expressions used by people in different situations for bidding something. He starts by a simple request and then threatens the reader. He concludes the poem saying that at least now tell your friends and your family not to read it. We go on reading the poem, and discover in the end that the whole poem is about telling not to read it. Nothing else is conveyed by the poet. It is a fun. So children, how do you find this poem?