Please don’t read this poem!



Now we come to the English workshop. Who will find rhyming pairs from the poem? I will find out rhyming pairs from the poem: Me – see, play – away, nice – twice, line – mine, stop – cop, jail – frail, missed – exist, fun – done, do – too. Can anyone add one more word to these rhyming pairs? I will try for it.Me – see – tree, play – away – day, nice – twice – dice, line – mine – fine, stop – cop – drop, jail – frail – mail, missed – exist – fixed, fun – done – run, do – too – true.Let’s do some thinking exercise. I will ask you some questions. Try to answer after thinking about them. 1. The poet is telling someone not to read the poem. Who is that someone? Students:- He is telling his friend not to read the poem. 2. What did you feel when you read the line ‘please don’t read this poem? Students: - When we read such instructions we get more interested in reading it as we want to know why the poet is not allowing to read it.