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Activity of question answer


Students let’s understand the meaning of the following words:1. Cop means policeman. 2. Frail means weak. 3. Amigo is friend. 4. Drag means pull someone forcefully. 5. Handcuff means a pair of lockable rings for prisoners. 6. Twice means two times.Well done students! Let’s do another interesting activity. Here I will show you a table. Read the lines given in the table. Discuss what they mean and when they might be used. Then use your imagination and describe situations in which these lines may be used by different speaker. I will show you one example. Lines: Just move along now. There’s nothing here to see. Situation: people gathering to watch a fight between two brothers. Speaker : A friend of the two brothers, who is trying to stop the fight tells the people.student : Ma’am I will. Line: - I’ve asked you once politely. Don’t make me ask you twice. Situation- A young boy is demanding money for buying junk food to his father. Speaker- Father is warning him not to ask money for this purpose.