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Dialogue practice


Let’s do some dialogue practice. I will give you some situations. Form dialogues adding one or two lines before or after the situation. 1. Teacher: It’s only meant for me.Students:- Wow this dress fits me so well. It seems, it’s only meant for me. I am going to purchase it.2. Teacher Good! Next: That isn’t very nice.Student: - I have been to the sale we were talking that day. That isn’t very nice, nothing worth buying! As you can see there are some ‘don’ts which are given in our textbook. 1. Don’t write in shabby handwriting- Tried it.2. Don’t make noise in the class- stopped doing it.3. Don’t run on the stairs- stopped doing it.4. Don’t talk when teacher is explaining- stopped doing it 5. Don’t go out late night- Tried it.6. Don’t eat outside during rainy season- Stopped doing it.