The Necklace

Introduction and Explanation


Teacher: Good morning children! Today we are going to read a lesson named ‘The Necklace’. Do you like jewellery and ornaments? Student: Yes ma’am we like wearing jewellery and ornaments. Teacher: Do you like to dress up for special occasions? How do you do that? Student: Yes it’s a pleasure dressing up for special occasions. Our parents always buy new clothes for us whenever there is a wedding or any festival. Teacher: Can anyone tell what makes a person happy and confident during special functions and parties? Student: When we are dressed up properly and everyone appreciates it, we feel happy and confident. Teacher: Come-on, now I want you to talk about yourself. Who will be the first one? Student: Ma’am I will be the first one to talk. My name is Samiksha, I am a beautiful girl. I live in Navi Mumbai. I go to Marathi medium school. I have many friends in my school as well as in my neighbourhood. My relatives live in village. I like to play badminton and my hobby is reading. I dislike fighting with others. I am good at making friends. I love my family very much.