The Necklace

Activity of question answer


Children let’s do some warm up activities. Please, answers the questions I ask. Teacher: Why was Mathilde married to a minor official? Student: Mathilde was married to a minor official because she was born in a family of clerks and she had no means of becoming known. Teacher: Why did Mathilde weep with misery after visiting her schoolmate? Student: This was so because her friend was very rich and she had everything that she dreamed of. Teacher: what did the envelop hold? Student: The envelop hold an invitation card for party Teacher: Was the husband a considerate person? How do we now that? Student: Yes, he was a considerate person as he became ready to give up the money to his wife for her dress which he had saved to buy a gun. Teacher: Why was Mathilde sad, restless and anxious though her dress was ready? Student: She was sad because she had no jewellery to wear. Teacher: Who is Madame Forestier? Student: she is Mathilde’s friend. Teacher: What did Madame Forestier’s large box contain? Student: It contained all the jewellery. Teacher: Tell the meaning of rapturously, fled with her treasure, panic stricken, distraught? Student: 1. Rapturously means with great joy 2.fled with her treasure: Here, fled means went away quickly. 3. Panic stricken means with a sudden feeling of fear 4.distraught means worried, disturbed.