The Necklace

Activity of question answer part 1 and 2


Teacher: Now let’s discuss meanings of some difficult words from part I and ll.Teacher: 1) Rapturously means with great joy. 2) Fled with her treasure fled means went away. 3) Panic stricken means with a sudden feeling of fear. 4) Distraught means worried, disturbed 5) cloak means loose, outer garment like a shawl. 6) Glimmer means faint, a ray of hope, wavering light 7) Jewel means diamond, necklace. 8) Ruinous means leading to a heavy loss, ruin. 9) Sous is a French coin of low value used in the past. 10) Garret means a small uncomfortable room at the top of the house. 11) Brooded means thought sadly, unhappy. 12) Familiarly means showing closeness, in a friendly manner. 13) A hollow pale figure menace very thin looking person. 14) Sick with grief and anguish means Very sad.Teacher: Well done children! now let’s do the next exercise: who said to whom and when? Teacher: “I touched it in the hall at the ministry”. Student: Mathilde said to Mr. Loisel after she had lost the necklace. Teacher: “It will give us time to look some more.” Student: Mr Loisel said to Mathilde when they were searching for the necklace. Teacher: “I might have needed it.” Student: Madame Forestier said to Mathilde when she returned the necklace. Teacher: “You must have made a mistake.” Student: Madame Forestier said to Mathilde when she addressed her familiarly after long time. Teacher: “Well, I lost it.” Student: Mathilde said to Madame Forestier, when they met after a long time and were talking about the borrowed necklace.