The Necklace



Teacher: Now let’s come to our next activity. Tell what you think about the following thoughts and actions of Mathilde. Teacher: Mathilde was shocked despaired over the loss of her necklace. Student: It is obvious since she had borrowed it from her friend. Teacher: Mathilde wrote a note to her friend as dictated by her husband. Student: She must have done that as she was helpless and needed someone to guide her. Teacher: Mathilde and her husband decided to replace the necklace. Student: They must have decided to do it, so that they can keep their dignity in front of her friend. Teacher: Mathilde returned the diamond necklace to her friend. Student: Mathilde returned the diamond necklace as she had borrowed it and she had promised her friend to do so. Teacher: Mathilde did not tell her friend about the loss and replacement. Student: Mathilde did not want her friend to know that she was careless. Besides her friend might not have approved the replacement if she understood it was not the one which was borrowed.