The Necklace

Explain Remaing part.


Teacher: Children now Imagine what must have happened after Mathilde’s friend discovered that the diamonds were real. Do you think she would return it to Mathilde? Would that make Mathilde happy? Student: According to me Mathilde’s friend would feel sorry. When she discovered that the diamonds were real and Loisel’s family had to go through hardships to earn a necklace and return her. She would surely return it to Mathilde as she was a nice lady. Mathilde would be happy to get it back. It would be reward for her hard work.Teacher: Good! Now tell me how Part ll of the story could have been different? Student: The second part of the story could have been different, if Mathilde had told her friend about the lost necklace, and she would have known that it was worth five hundred francs which would be easy for them to repay her. There would not have been hardships for ten years to repay the big amount. Teacher: Well said, Teacher : Now tell me what would you do, if something like this happens to you? Student: I would tell everything to my friend and get better solution.