Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

Explain next part of story


So students let’s proceed further with the story. Hellen left the well-house eager to learn. Everything had a name and each name gave birth to a new thought. As they returned to the house, every object she touched seemed to quiver with life. That was because she saw everything with the strange, new sight that had come to her. On entering the door she remembered the doll she had broken. She felt her way to the hearth and picked up the pieces. She tried vainly to put them together. Then her eyes filled with tears; for she realized what she had done and for the first time she felt repentance and sorrow. She learned great many new words that day. She do not remember what they all were, but she do knew that mother, father, sister, teacher were among them. Words that were to make the world blossom for her ‘Aaron’s rod with flower.’ It would have been difficult to find a happier child than she was as she lay in her crib at the close of that eventful day and lived over the joys it had brought her, and for the first time longed for a new day to come.