Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

Discuss about question answers


Children let’s discuss the meanings of some difficult words from the lesson. (teacher) 1) Immeasurable contrasts means difference which cannot be measured .2) Eventful day means busy day or a say on which many things happened. 3) Upturned means an upward turn , or upside down 4) Unconsciously means without realizing or being aware of one’s action 5) White darkness means undesirable condition.6) Preyed upon me means had a negative and harmful effect on me.7) Languor means lack of activity, 8) Succeeded here means followed 9) Plummet and sounding line means a line with a plumb used to measure the depth of water.10) Flushed means excited and happy 11) Persisted means kept on 12) Confounding means confusing, mixing up.13) Well house means a small building shed over a well 14) Musty means Unclear vague 15) Consciousness means awareness, feeling. 16) Quiver means shake, move 17) Vainly means without success, in rain 18) Aaron’s rod means a rod with magical power.Teacher – Okay now answer the questions.