Helen Keller and Anne Sullivan

Activity of question answer


Teacher : Well done children! Now can anyone tell me different types of impairments that limit a person’s activity or make it difficult for him/her to mix with others in society? Students – Ma’am different types of impairments are speech disorders, hearing loss and deafness, vision loss and blindness, intellectual disability, improper limbs, physical disability etc. It surely limits a person’s activity to mix with others in society. Teacher :- Good ! Now tell me how modern technology can be used to overcome these problems. Student :- Modern technology can be considered as a boon to overcome these problems. Many machines are invented with the help of modern technology which can make life easier for them. e.g. hearing impaired can use hearing machines and make life comfortable. Those who are physically challenged can use artificial limbs and lead a normal life. Teacher :- well said, tell me about some challenges people have to face due to disabilities, what provisions should be made in public places, so that everyone gets the same access to public facilities. Student :- There are many challenges people with disabilities have to face. for example, they can’t travel in public transport, can’t get proper education, can’t play sports or participate in it etc. All the public places should have ramps along with stairs, so that a wheel chair can be used. Elevators should also be provided. Tea: Well done!