Mark Twain.

Introduction and Explanation


Teacher: Welcome children! Today we are going to read a lesson named ‘Mark Twain’. All of us love read comics, jokes and humour. Children tell me who is your favourite comedian? Student: Johny Lever, RajPal Yadav, Shakti Kapoor. Teacher: What do you like better- to listen to a joke, or to tell a joke? Student: Ma’am I like to listen to a joke Student: Ma’am I like to tell a joke. Teacher: Do you like cartoons and cartoons films? Which do you like best? Student1: Ma’am I like cartoons such as doremon, chota bhim, Tom and Jerry, Motu patlu, Student2: I like Mickey mouse and Donald duck. Teacher: Now I want to see if you can think quickly. Within one minute, write as many meaningful phrases as possible using the numbers given below. Do not repeats the ideas. Teacher: One Student: One man, one woman, One Child, One tree, one bag Teacher: Two Student: Two roads, two eyes, two ears, two hands, two legs Teacher: Three Student: Three lamps, three tables, three books, three chairs Teacher: Four Student: A four wheeler, four buildings, four ducks, four birds Teacher: Five Student: Five frogs, five fingers, five toes, five rooms, five puppies. Teacher: Six Student: Six kites, six goats, six rings, six pencils, six pens Teacher: Seven Student: Seven arrows, seven colours, seven days Teacher: Forty Student: Forty flowers, forty buckets, forty pigs, forty crows. Teacher: Hundred Student: A hundred dots, hundred stars, hundred hairs, hundred boys Teacher: Well done children.