Mark Twain.

Explain part of story


Teacher: Children now let’s come to the lesson: Mark Twain was the pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens, a popular American writer. He was famous for his humorous stories, novels and other writings. He is ready wit shone through everyday conversations. Many anecdotes related to Mark Twain are told and enjoyed even today. It should be noted that he was a great defender of human values like liberty, equality and fraternity. He opposed wars and imperialism and supported the cause of labourers and of the black people in his country, America. Let’s read some of his interesting anecdotes. First anecdotes. One day during a lecture tour, Mark Twain entered a local barber shop for a shave. This, Twain told the barber, was his first visit to the town. “You’ve chosen a good time to come,” he declared. “Oh?” Twain replied. “Mark Twain is going to lecture here tonight. You’ll want to go, I suppose?” “I guess so...” “Have you bought your ticket yet?” “No, not yet.” “Well, it’s sold out, so you’ll have to stand.” “Just my luck,” said Twain with a sigh. “I always have to stand when that fellow lectures !” Second anecdote. Mrs Stowe who was Mark Twain’s neighbor was leaving for Florida one morning, and young Mark Twain Clemens ran over early to say goodbye. On his return Mrs Clemens (Mark Twain’s wife) regarded him disapprovingly. Saying why he hasn’t on any collar or tie. He said nothing, but went up to his room, did up these items in a neat package, and sent it over to Mrs Stowe by a servant, with a line: ‘Herewith receive a call from the rest of me’.