Mark Twain.

Activity of question answer


Techer: Children let’s do a question answer session from the lesson. Teacher: What was Mark Twain’s real name? Student: Samuel Langhorne Clemens. Teacher: What was he famous for? Student: He was famous for his humorous stories, novels and other writings. Teacher: He belongs to which country of the world? Student: America. Teacher: Why did Henry Irving ask Mark Twain if he had heard the story before? Student: It was because he was excited to create humor through the story and was doubtful whether mark has already heard it which would flush all his excitement which he was supposed to disclose in the end. Teacher: Can you think of other examples of irregularities in English Spelling? Student: Yes, in rough enough. ‘gh’ is pronounced as ‘f’ but in ghost it is different. Teacher: Which episode shows that Mark Twain did not believe in superstitions? Student: The episode in which the reader asks him about good or bad luck when someone finds a spider in his paper. The answer given by Mark Twain in a humorous manner shows that he did not believe in superstitions.