Mark Twain.

Telephonic conversation


Children now prepare simple telephonic conversation using the situation. I will give you some useful telephone phrases.Tea: Hold on, please. (Wait) : Stu: Could you hold on for a moment please ? Tea: Put (a call) through (Connect) : Stu: will just put you through to our expert. Tea: Get through (Get connected) : Stu: I can’t get through to him at the moment, could you call back later, please ? Tea: Hang up (End the call) : Stu: I think the operator has hung up. Tea: Call back : Stu: I’ll check your plan and call you back in some time. Teacher: Good! Let’s do an exercise where you have to make a complaint. I will give you some incomplete sentences, and you have to complete them.Teacher: I’m calling to complain about…Student: I’m calling to complain about the products I ordered.Teacher: I’m sorry, but I’m not satisfied with…….Student: I’m sorry, but I’m not satisfied with your service which I received.Teacher: Unfortunately, there’s a problem with…………Student: Unfortunately, there’s a problem with the products. I have ordered. Teacher: I am very unhappy with the service…….Student: I am very unhappy with the service I received.Teacher: It really isn’t good enough……Student: It really isn’t good enough for me.Teacher: I’d like to know why……………Student: I’d like to know why I am cheated by your company.Teacher: I’d like an explanation…………..Student: I’d like an explanation for my query.Teacher: It’s shocking that……….Student: It’s shocking that you cannot replace the product. Teacher: Otherwise….Student: Otherwise I’ll have to go to the press.Teacher: If you can’t deliver on time…………..Student: If you can’t deliver on time, you must at least inform your customers. So that we can find other suppliers.