Please listen

Explain part of poem


Now children let’s start with some questions and answers.Teacher: Tell me what makes you laugh? Student: When we are happy it makes us to laugh.Teacher: What makes you angry? Student: When things doesn’t work according to our desire we get angry Teacher: What makes you sad? Student: When we see something wrong we are sad. Or when we lose something we are sad.Teacher: What makes you happy? Student: When things go according to our wish we are happy.Teacher: Good answers children. Now tell me when we agree for something, what will be the phrases we will use.Student: I totally agree with you, Exactly, absolutely!, You are right. No, I don’t know, I need to think about it, I suppose so. These are the phrases which we will use.Teacher: Now tell me when we disagree for something what phrases will we use: Student: No, I don’t think so/ I totally disagree/ Not necessarily/ I m not sure about that/ Lets agree to disagree!. These are the phrases we will use. Teacher: Well done! What’s the difference between ‘hear’ and ‘listen’? Student: Hearing is the physical activity of sound falling on the ears. And listening is the ability to pay attention to what the sound means. Teacher: How old is the speaker in the poem?