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Discuss the main theme of the poem


Teacher: Children now complete the sentences with the help of the poem.Teacher: When I ask you to listen to me. Student: and you start giving me advice, Student: and you begin to tell me why I shouldn’t feel that way.Student: and you feel you have to do something.Teacher: Very Good! Let’s learn some opposites. (सर्व teacher वाचेल) 1) Cheap X costly 5) Simple X difficult 2) Discourage X encourage 6) Irrational X rational 3) Inadequacy X adequacy 7) Understand X misunderstand 4) Accept X reject 8) Clear X Unclear Teacher: Good! Let’s do some conversation practice.You have to complete the incomplete sentences and form a conversation. There are 2 children A & B who are engaged in this conversation. B gives two types of answers no and yes. So look how they converse with both the answers. First you have a look at this example A and then you fill the example B. Teacher: Very good! Like this you can easily have small conversations. Now write an informal letter from a teenager to his/her parent, expressing a few thoughts from the poem.