The Hare and the Tortoise

Introduction and Explanation


children, today we are going to read a story. You might have heard it. This story is about hare and tortoise. Once a hare and a tortoise decided to have a race. The hare was proud of himself. He said to the tortoise, “you are so slow and I am so fast. Let us run a race upto the mango tree.” The race began. The hare ran with long leaps –hop, hop, hop. The tortoise walked slowly –Seeing him walking slowly the hare laughed at him. He came to carrot patch and said to himself “yummy! What lovely red carrots! The tortoise is far behind. I’ll eat a few carrots.” But he ate a lot of carrots. Then the hare came to a radish patch. “Slurp! What juicy white radishes! I’ll eat only a few,” he said. But he ate up quite a few. So children wasn’t this an inspiring story? The story says that we should never underestimate anyone and never be over confident. Ok. Now children try to have answer my questions. Now try to find these phrases in the lesson.