In a biscuit factory

Introduction and Explanation


Welcome children! Do you like to eat biscuits? Do you know how biscuits are made? Yes, that’s true! We get many verities of biscuits, in the market. Making biscuits is a very big process. Today we are going to learn how biscuits are made? Biscuits are crisp and tasty. We all love biscuits. They come in colourful packets. They are made in a factory. First, The people in the factory get a recipe. Then they get all the required ingredients or things that go in a biscuit. Once they have collected each and every ingredient they have to take the proper quantity required of each ingredient. Then they mix the things and make dough. The dough has to be kneaded very well. Then they rollout the dough. Then the dough is cut into biscuit shapes. Then these biscuits are bake in the oven. Once they are baked they are allowed to cool before packing. Then the biscuits are packed into packets. So this is the lengthy process of making biscuits.