The sky is falling

Introduction and Explanation


Foxy Loxy was a cunning fellow. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I will take you all to a safe place.” He took them all to his cave. “Go inside my cave and you will all be safe.” He told them. So in went Chicken Licken, Henny Penny, Cocky Locky, Ducky Lucky and Goosey Poosey. “Ha, ha, ha !” Foxy Loxy said, “You foolish creatures! I have caught you all.” “Help! help!” Chicken Licken and her friends began to shout. Doggie Dear heard their shouts. He ran to the cave. “Beware, Foxy Loxy,’’ he shouted, “Here I come!” And then? Then Foxy Loxy began to run without saying a word. He ran far away. So children how was the story?