An Action rhyme.

Introduction and Explanation


Listen, sign and enact. Today we are going to sing an action Rhyme. This rhyme is full of actions. We have to sing and do the actions when we recite the poem. Like a leaf or a feather In the windy, windy weather, We will all twirl around And all sink down - together. Like a bud or a flower Getting soaked in a shower, We will all sway about And all dance together. Now let’s do some activities. Guess some of the things you might like to imitate. You have to present them in the class. Now you have do actions for what you have told. Come on, everyone. I will say the words and you do the actions: Now it’s time for another activity. You have to find at least 5 examples of sentences which end with question marks from your book. One sentence that ends with exclamatory mark!