The Red- headed league



Today we are going to read a story: “The Red headed league”. Its writer is Arthur Conan Doyle, who was a doctor by profession. But he is famous as writer of crime fictions, specially. ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is his most popular private detective hero. ‘Sherlock Holmes’ is known for his keen observation, knowledge of many fields and ability to make accurate guesses.There is a series of ‘Sherlock Holmes’ stories. ‘Red Headed league is a famous story of Doyle. The story is told by Dr. Watson, a friend of ‘Sherlock Holmes’. We will start reading this story which is also a crime fiction. Tell me, what is the meaning of the ‘fiction’? Don’t know? Ok I will tell you; it means imaginary thing. Not real or actual, okay. Let’s start our lesson which has two parts. We will read first part titled ‘Mr. Wilson’s story’.When I called upon my friend, Mr Sherlock Holmes, he was conversing with a visitor, who was an elderly man with fiery red hair. Holmes introduced me to the visitor, Mr Jabez Wilson. He was a pawn-broker. Holmes asked him to repeat his story for me. He began by showing us an advertisement in a newspaper.