The Red- headed league

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Continue part 1: Mr Duncan Ross explained that Mr Wilson would have to be in the office from ten to two. If he left the office, he would lose the job. Spaulding assured Mr Wilson that he would look after Mr Wilson’s business in his absence. The pay was fixed at four pounds a week.“And the work?” said Mr Wilson “You have to copy out the Encyclopedia Britannica.” The pay was very good, and the work was light. Mr Wilson accepted the job and began his work the very next day. Mr Duncan Ross was there in the office to see that Mr Wilson did his work properly and did not leave the office. He told Mr Wilson to start with the letter ‘A’. Mr Wilson wrote diligently for four hours without leaving his place. Mr Ross would drop in from time to time to see that all was right with Mr Wilson. At two o’clock, he bade Mr Wilson good-day, and locked the door of the office.“This went on day after day, Mr Holmes,” said Mr Wilson, “and on Saturday I got my salary. It was the same next week, and the same the week after. After a few days, Mr Duncan Ross came in only once in a while and after a time, he did not come in at all”.