The Red- headed league

Try To Give Answer


Children, after reading the first part of the story try to answer my questions. Tea: Who is telling the story to us? Stu: Dr. Watson is telling the story. Tea: What was the fault of assistant Vincent Spaulding? Stu: He left his work and went down to develop photograph in the cellar every now and then.Tea: Very good. Why was fleet street full of red- headed people? Stu: Because there was a job vacancy for a re-headed person only.Tea: Who was well suited for the job? Stu: Mr. Wilson was well suited for the job.Tea: Why did Mr. Wilson accept the job? Stu: Because the pay was good and the work was light. So he accepted the job.Now we have to write descriptions of different people in this story. There are six persons in this story. 1. Dr. Watson :- Detective Sherlock Holmes friend who assisted him in many of his criminal cases. He is the narrator of this story.2. Sherlock Holmes:- The most famous and popular private detective character in detective stories and novels. He is known for his keen observation, knowledge of many fields and ability to make accurate deduction. 3. Mr. Wilson:- His full name is Mr. Jabez Wilson, an elderly man with a fiery red hair, a pawn-broker by profession. Well done students!