The Red- headed league

Learn The Meanings Of Difficult Words


Let’s learn the meanings of difficult words from the story.1) League:- an association or formal group of people. 2) Elderly:- old, past his middle age. 3) Fiery:- like fire, red. 4) Pawn broker:- a person who kept valuable things and give money on interest. 5) Nominal: - easy, simple, very little, नाममात्र. 6) Founded:- started. 7) Prank:- Practical joke, piece of mischief, चेष्टा.Children, now we will study some grammar part. Auxiliary ‘be’ and ‘have’: Negatives. The auxiliary verbs ‘be’ and ‘have’ form negatives without the help of ‘do’. Example:- Be : 1) I am not going. 2) She was not sleeping/ She wasn’t sleeping. 3) He is not playing.Have : 1) I have not seen it / I haven’t seen it. 2) He has not finished / He hasn’t finished.Children, note that ‘not’ is used with the forms of ‘be’ or ‘have’. Without a form of ‘be’ or ‘have’ the sentence will be incorrect.