The Red- headed league

What Happened Next - Dr Watson’s Account


Part II : What happened next - Dr Watson’s Account “Well, Watson, what do you think of it all?” asked Mr Holmes, after Mr Wilson had left. “I make nothing of it,” I answered frankly. Holmes sat silently for some time, and then invited me to go out with him. We went to the square where Mr Wilson had his shop. Holmes observed the area carefully. There were many shops and offices in the square, and a bank just behind Mr Wilson’s shop. Holmes spent some time outside the shop and thumped upon the pavement two or three times. Finally, he knocked on Mr Wilson’s door. A young man opened the door. Mr Holmes asked him the way to the Strand. The Assistant answered the question, and quickly closed the door.I said, “I am sure that you enquired your way only in order to see him.” “Not him,” Holmes said, “but the knees of his trousers.” “And what did you see?”